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The solution "BAS Construction. ERP" is designed to automate the management of construction companies. The solution provides automation of all major business processes in the management of enterprises, as well as automation of all types of construction activities, in particular, for vertically integrated holdings that implement the full construction cycle.

"BAS Construction. ERP" automates the following industry specifics of construction:

  • formation of estimates

  • calendar planning of works

  • distribution of works between own resources and subcontractors, conclusion of conditions under contracts with contractors

  • formation of the need for materials, labor and machine resources for the entire life cycle of the project

  • operational planning and reflection of the fact of works with detailing: change, day, week, decade, month

  • convenient visualization of planned data and the ability to make a fact, as in Excel

  • display the deviation from the graph indicating the reason for the deviation

  • resource planning with details of a specific vehicle or worker specialty

  • re-planning of project works upon completion

  • plan-factual analysis of the work and the project as a whole

  • comparison of project scenarios

  • analysis of planned and actual data on resource costs

  • analysis of project resources

  • closure of subcontractors

  • closing of works by the customer

  • formation of printed forms KB-2v, KB-3v

  • writing off materials, forming a printed form M29

  • mutual settlements with subcontractors and the customer